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Acne Treatment Expert Katy TX – How to get rid of Acne

Nov 19

Acne is a very common skin problem that affects about 85 percent of the population.

The most frequent signs are pimples that cause irritation, and are difficult to manage.

While conventional treatments might be effective in getting rid of pimples, they tend to be caused by dry skin and irritation.

A lot of users opt for natural solutions to quickly eliminate their pimples. While there are numerous natural cures for pimples however, not all have been proven to be effective scientifically.

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What is the cause of pimples?

Understanding the root cause of skin conditions is crucial to treat it effectively. Let's take a look at the fundamentals of pimples.

What exactly is a pimple?

A pimple is an obstruction of the pores that is resulted from dead skin cells or oils (called sebum) and glands nearby. Pimples are tiny red bumps that develop when the pores are blocked. Blackheads, blocked pores, and whiteheads may develop. They may develop into pustules that are inflamed or cysts that harden.

What triggers pimples?  They are caused by hormonal changes that occur in our bodies. For women, menopausal and puberty are the two most commonly occurring life-stages. The body may produce excessive oil or shed excessive skin cells. Don't forget the menstrual cycle. The changes that occur with the month's cycle could trigger normal skin bacteria to multiply within the pores. The resulting bacterial overgrowth can cause irritation to the skin and causes pimples to become more prominent.

There are a variety of possible solutions:

  • Make use of an oil-based body wash that contains benzoyl peroxide. A 5.3 percent solution of benzoylperoxide is applied to skin that is sensitive. If your skin is oily it is possible to apply a 10 percent solution.
  • Apply a 0.1 percent adapalene cream on all acne lesion. This gel can be bought from a pharmacy. It is possible to purchase a device to assist those who have difficulties reaching their backs to apply the gel.
  • It is essential to change your clothes right after exercising to minimize sweat and oil build-up. Wiping your skin using either a cotton pad or flannel could help.
  • Avoid picking at pimples, or scratching them. This can lead to more severe signs.
  • Do not use sunscreens containing oil on the skin. Some manufacturers label noncomedogenic sunscreens as oil-free. They can help prevent the buildup of oil on the skin.
  • Use products that are fragrance-free and oil-free on every part of your body that are prone to breakouts.

These are only some of the issues you should be aware of when you consult an expert in acne. They will be able to look at your diet as well as your medications and your skin condition to determine if there's an all-encompassing treatment for your acne issue.

Anita's Skin Care Clinic, Katy TX, is an expert in acne treatment who can assist you in finding the best solution to your issue.

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