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Benefits of Using Invisalign I Best Invisalign Dentist Shoreline

Nov 20

Unlike traditional braces, there are no metal brackets or wires that stick out of your mouth. Instead, invisalign keeps the teeth secure by holding the teeth in place without the use of braces or wires. It is truly an invisible teeth aligner. You only have to find the best invisalign dentist to do the job for you. Patients can remove the aligners for brushing, eating, and drinking and they won't even look odd while you wear them. And, we provide patients with additional aligners throughout the treatment, so that patients can revisit the same area of their mouth over time. Unlike traditional braces, patients are able to check on their progress with photographs at all times. Unlike traditional braces, patients have the ability to remove Invisalign, the invisible teeth aligners at any time and check on their progress with ease.

The entire process of teeth straightening takes place over a period of about a year for some patients, though it can take longer. In the best case scenario, we see that the teeth are straighter over the course of several months. This depends on the severity of the overcrowding issues.

The Invisalign treatment is more expensive than other similar treatments but we feel that it is well worth it. The treatment is painless, fast, and invisible. Patients can see their progress on the 3D photos and check on the progress of the treatment with ease.

The process of teeth straightening involves numerous visits to Invisalign. Patients can access online the pictures that they took of themselves, taken over time with Invisalign. With the pictures in hand, patients can see that they have progressed throughout the treatment. There is an animation that we play to show the patient the progression of the treatment. It is a lot of fun and kids can be involved.

This animation shows the progress of the teeth straightening treatment that the patient has with Invisalign. The patient can follow the animation to see how their teeth have changed throughout the treatment.

There are many aspects of the treatment that is not visible in the pictures but is captured in the pictures. The invisalign software captures the position of each tooth and the treatment that has been completed. The software records the adjustment that has been made to each tooth over time.You can read the progress of the treatment on a chart to get a clear picture of the progress of the treatment.

The treatment is a lot faster than traditional braces and other forms of invisible braces. Many people wonder if Invisalign is a better choice to straighten teeth. Invisalign works a lot better for people who have minor issues with their teeth alignment. People that have more complex problems that they are trying to straighten can use traditional braces which is the method Invisalign is used for. If you have a well fitted Invisalign you can have your braces removed so that you can go out and eat and smile. You can ask for more advice from your best Invisalign dentist.

If you would like a more attractive smile, but you're not interested in wearing traditional metal braces, Invisalign, invisible teeth aligners may be an option for you. Your teeth will be straightened in about a year if you use this! Looking for a low-cost Invisalign dentist in Shoreline? Dr. Brent Robinson can help you! 

To determine your ideal treatment, contact the low cost Invisalign dentist in Shoreline, Dr.Brent Robinson for an Invisalign consultation. Our clinic is ready to welcome you. Call 425-778-1164 or visit 19108 33rd Ave W Ste B Lynnwood, WA 98036, United States. You may also visit our website


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