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Yoga Shrewsbury Guide for First-Time Visitors

Dec 6

How to dress when attending a yoga class

Clothing that allows you to move and stretch without restriction is ideal. It is best to avoid anything too loose, since you will most likely end up on your back. Shoes and socks are not allowed in class.

What to take to the yoga group

Any yoga props you'd want to use during your practise should be brought along with you. You can buy water bottles at the Shrewsbury  studio or bring your own from home. A change of clothes is also a common sight in Shropshire Yoga Hot Studio lessons. Please be aware that our locker rooms and showers are now unavailable. There are specific locations in the studio where you may store any little items you own. Please keep your valuables at home while our lockers are unavailable.

What to expect when visiting Shrewsbury Yoga

We strongly encourage that you to arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you can sign in, change, and get situated. The first time you come to class, arrive a few minutes early to complete a waiver and release of liability and pay for the class. There is no need for a website registration to expedite the check-in procedure. Yoga Shrewsbury Registrations will be held until five minutes before the start of class if the class has reached capacity.

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