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7 Tips for Opening a Juice Bar

Dec 17

Juice and smoothie bars used to be a very niche market, attracting only the health-conscious and fitness fundies, but no more. Their appeal has caught the attention of Instagrammers everywhere, and thanks to the increased interest in mental and physical wellbeing, the industry is booming like ever before. Healthy recipes and nutritional living are more popular than ever as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the detrimental effect of the SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle (quite aptly named, don’t you think?) 

For many, a daily trip to their favorite juice bars has become routine. So, you have been thinking of carving out a piece in the market, and opening your very own juice bar? Congratulations on taking the first step. Opening a juice bar seems rather straightforward, right? It can be, with the right planning, but remember, everything successful in life takes hard work, time, and patience. We at 

Pure Green has been operating in this successful industry since 2014 and we are here to give you a few helpful hints on where to get started to open your very own juice bar. Starting this new venture is that much less overwhelming if you break it down into manageable steps. 

Research Your Local Food Safety Laws

First things first; before you even work on your business model, you should research the food safety laws governing raw juice in your area. Your business will be subject to certain rules and regulations to make sure it is up to health and safety standards. These laws vary greatly depending on your region. 

In the USA, the FDA allows for raw juice to be sold directly to consumers, but not wholesale to third parties for reselling purposes. To break into the wholesale game with the intention to resell, you will look at a different business model altogether. That said, you are allowed to produce raw and cold-pressed juices in one location, and sell them to multiple stores, providing you are the owner of the juice bars. 

The laws governing juice bars can be daunting at first, but don’t let it hold you back. The health department is very helpful in answering any of your questions, or they will point you in the right direction for clarification. You will still be in regular communication with the health department long after opening your business, so a good working relationship is crucial. We will provide a few tips to deal with your local health department;

Meet with Your Local Health Authority

This is the obvious first step. Set up a brief meeting with a representative to get a clear idea of the regulations in your area, and prepare your questions in advance. Take thorough notes, or even ask if you can record the meeting for easy future reference. There will be a lot of information to process. 

Stay Updated

Health regulations are also constantly reviewed and updated, so you are well-advised to stay active by attending meetings and by doing your own research online. You can’t afford to be in doubt! 

Educate Your Employees

This might sound like we are skipping a few steps ahead, but on the topic of health and safety, be sure to provide your employees with the knowledge and tools to follow production guidelines. Encourage an open line of communication with your employees so that everyone can be comfortable with the entire process. 

Inspire Good Habits and Checklists

Every kitchen will have one thing in common – you need to inspect the production area on a daily basis. In the food and beverage industry, you will be required to keep certain document logs (as your health representative will inform you). The best way to ensure that you are staying on top of it is to create a daily checklist that employees tick off every day. It will include cooling logs, fridge temperatures, sanitation, and employee health cards.

Read the FDA Food Code

This document is updated and revised every four years. You don’t need to just understand what you need to do, but why. You can find all the regulations here.

Decide on The Business Model to Use

Now that you are familiar with the rules and regulations governing the health and safety of your new juice bar, choosing the concept is your next tangible step. It is also the most exciting and creative step of the journey. You get to decide if you will join a juice bar franchise, or if you want to choose your own theme and menu. Whether you are going at it on your own, or with the guidance of a franchise like Pure Green, you also have a few juice bar concepts to choose from;

  • Mobile juice bar cart to produce organic, fresh juice on the go
  • Brick and mortar stores, like a café style shop with seating, or a juice bar that offers takeaways only. 
  • Wholesale – do keep in mind that you are not allowed to sell raw juices wholesale to third-party resellers under the FDA regulations. If wholesale reselling appeals to you, you will need to produce pasteurized juices with a longer shelf life. However, nothing is preventing you from selling wholesale raw juice directly to a consumer. 
  • Delivery only or a combination of any of the above. An omnichannel approach of both delivery and brick-and-mortar reaches the most clients. 

Of course, each juice bar business model has its own pros and cons, but it is important to decide where you are going so that you have clear goals and know where to expend your energy. Once that is in place, you can move over to the finer details, like branding, a name, a logo, and menu options. One of the benefits of buying into a juice bar franchise means that you don’t have to think about the finer details – your franchisor will do it for you

Decide on Your Location

Your concept and your location research should go hand in hand. You should base the concept of your store around the location you have in mind. If, for instance, you have your heart set on one concept, your location must support it. Let's assume you want to cater to students to feed their bodies and minds during exams, you will also need to set up near campus or university. Remember, your competition may have the same idea, so do your research. A location analysis will be invaluable to you in this endeavor. 

Have an Expert on Your Team

If this is your first time getting into the juice bar business, you want someone on your side who knows what’s what. They don’t necessarily need to have experience in the juicing industry per se, but you need someone who has experience in opening and running a business. This can be a good restaurant or food and beverage manager, or a consultant to help you develop a business plan. 

Now, if opening a juice bar franchise appeals to you, you need not look further. Pure Green, for instance, is one of the fastest-growing juice bar franchises currently in the US. We offer full-service support, competitive start-up costs, training, menus… whatever you need, the expert franchise team at Pure Green got you covered. You don’t need to go in blind. Take a look at just what we have to offer at

The Menu - Know your Numbers and What to Expect

The sky is the limit with your juice bar menu, but you should have a specialty plan, or risk throwing everything at the wall. You can keep it simple and produce only cold-pressed juices, or get creative and mix it up with smoothies and bowls. What is important is to keep an eye on the ingredients you use. While it may be tempting to build a super-juice that contains every superfood, it isn’t sustainable, as very few clients will be willing to pay a hefty price per bottle to cover your costs. As a general rule of thumb, the cost of your ingredients per bottle should not exceed 25% to 30% of the final product price. Ingredients aside, your labor, packaging, and overheads should be in line with your price per bottle. 

Another great plus of opening a Pure Green franchise juice bar is that we keep these costs in mind. Part and parcel with your business plan, we provide you with a ready-made menu with some of our bestsellers (keeping the costs and overheads in mind)!

Your Juice Bar Business Plan

Drafting your juice bar business plan is the next critical step. Don’t skip this, even if you think you have all your bases covered. It is the only way to professionally present all your info and plans to potential investors and get the funding you may need. Your plan should contain the following;

  • Company Overview and Description – This is a detailed overview of your juice bar business.
  • Concept and Menu – Describe all the details of your proposed menu, concept, and theme. 
  • Management Structure – As the name implies, this section should include the hierarchy of your management structure. 
  • Staffing Needs – List all your openings and the proposed number of employees
  • Marketing and Competitor Analysis – You need to show that you have done research on local competitors and present your findings
  • Advertising and Marketing Strategies – This outlines how you suggest advertising and market your juice bar.
  • Financial Projection – This focusses on your sale forecast and your break-even analysis
  • Executive Summary – This last section summarized your entire business plan. You can list it first to draw attention to your overall goals, but it is best to write this section last. 

Get Funding for Your Juice Bar

Armed with your business plan, you can finally apply for funding to make your juice bar dream a reality. Once you know how much you need for the capital layout, and how much you have, you will know how much funding you need to apply for. Remember to also give yourself a bit of a safety net to cover the operating costs for the first few months as your juice bar is gaining fame. 

You have a few financing options at your disposal; 

  • Small Business Loan – The SBA (Small Business Association) works with small business owners to help them secure a loan more easily. They generally also offer lower repayments and interest at a fixed rate. 
  • Traditional Business Loan – A typical business loan is ideally suited for larger loan amounts, so the application process is a bit stricter. You will also be required to push your business to be more profitable. 
  • Business Credit – This is very similar to a credit card. Instead of borrowing one big lump sum, you will receive a credit to cover expenses as they arise. This type of financing is especially helpful with day-to-day operating expenses. 
  • Crowd Funding – This method is a legit, modern-day solution to raise funds for your business – as long as people believe in your brand and your vision. 

Pro Tips for a Successful Juice Bar

By following these handy tips and guidelines, you are setting off on the right foot to give your juice bar business the best chance at success. Know your laws, find your niche and your target market, and establish a business model that will cater to your needs. And if you are in the market to join an established, successful franchise that will support you every step of the way, mosey over to and reach out to one of our experts!

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