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Dec 24

There are two distinct things that makeup being healthy: one is physical and the other is wellness. Although world-class athletes may look and perform well in their chosen sports, many of them would fail a holistic wellness test that encompasses all elements. Read on to find out how Massage Mesa views wellness care.

Your physical body

More often than you might think, if all aspects are not in harmony with your health, your physical body will suffer. Chronic diseases and chronic discomfort are very common and can not always be caused by poor nutrition. These elements are vital if you want your physical body to be healthy. But they aren't all that important.

Emotional Wellness

It is not uncommon for a to visit patients with chronic pain due to emotional trauma. Emotional Wellness is the process of letting go and expressing your feelings freely and openly. The accumulation of emotional baggage needs to go somewhere. It can end up as pain in your neck or back.

Social Wellness

It is important to be socially active and have a good network of family members and friends for total wellness. Some people are more introverted than others. They may not need the same amount of social stimulation. But everyone needs someone. It is important that you can share both the good moments and the hard times with others.

Linking it All Together

It's almost impossible to not be healthy if all these components of wellness work together. Your surprise az treatment treats you as an individual and not just your physical ailments. Chiropractic care is focused on the root cause of physical symptoms. Most often, this is a misaligned spinal vertebra, causing pain somewhere in the body. But it can also be other things.

As part of your total wellness plan, your Massage in Surprise AZ team at Greenway Cotton Chiropractic/Body Harmony Massage will get the chance to get to know you and your needs. Once you've identified the problem and addressed it, you can get started on finding a solution.

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