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Queensland Physio Launches New Online Course

Dec 30

Queensland Physio Launches New Online Course

A Queensland Physio has launched her new branding for the holiday season 2021.

The Queensland Physio company Taryn Gaudin has launched its new branding at the end of 2021. 

The Queensland physio has also relaunched their online course services with a fresh new face!

Who is the online Queensland Physio?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Taryn Gaudin is confident thats she can offer clients what they need when it comes to their women’s health wellbeing. 

Taryn Gaudin said, "we are excited about our new offerings and we know that this is just the beginning."

Taryn Gaudin has been operating as an established and well-known physio online courses agency in Queensland, Australia for the past 10 years. 


The new branding was launched this week, as the company is now moving into a new phase in its business and wants to move away from more traditional physio services.

"We want our clients to have a unique experience when working with us." said Taryn. "We want to offer our clients a one of a kind journey and an experience that they will not forget. We want  to be well known for delivering the very best in Australia’s online yoga and women’s health course services."

"We believe that the new branding has done exactly what we needed it to do," added Taryn. "We had been looking at making changes for a few years but we wanted to take our time with it, and not rush anything."


Taryn is moving away from being a traditional in-person physio and is now focusing on helping women with their wellbeing pre birth and postpartum.


What online phyio courses are offered?

Taryn has:

  • Guide to running postpartum online course
  • Womens pelvic health online course 
  • Private online coaching sessions


To find out more about what Taryn does, Check out Taryn Gaudin