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Jan 24

Tips to hear better in virtual meetings when you are using St Louis hearing aids

It is a challenge for those people who have hearing problems and use hearing aids to work remotely from home and attend video conferences. However, when you have been detected of hearing loss and your audiologist had advised you to use St Louis hearing aids, your audiologist will help you with several guidelines and tips that will help to make the zoom calls and video conferences an enjoyable experience for you and you will be able to feel more connected and engaged in the virtual meetings.

Some tips that  St Louis hearing aids users could follow to make video calls an engaging experience

●    First of all, try to know about the technical features of the platform that is being used to do the conference call. Your coworkers must be aware of your disability therefore feel free to encourage them to use the video option while doing a conference call. Using the video calling option during the meeting boosts your confidence as you can understand the conversation of your colleagues better by syncing their lip movements. To ensure that you are reaping the maximum profit from the video call make sure that you put your focus on those who are speaking and not completely on your video image.

●    Try upgrading the hearing aid that you are currently using. Speak to your audiologist and since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been several features introduced to the hearing aids to help the users to engage in events such as video calls. Your audiologist might be able to understand your special needs and ensure to help you with the best technology suited to help your needs the best. Changes made to the existing hearing aids may also be very useful for users to participate in virtual conferences. 

●    Another way to help hearing aid users effectively participate in virtual conferences is to encourage them to wear headphones during the entire video conferencing. The headphones block the surrounding noises and improve the audio reception. This makes sounds both clear and understandable.

Last but not least, if you are wanting to interact with multiple people in a conference call, then the best way would be to turn on the written captions. There is also the chat option in various conference call platforms where you can put in follow-up questions so that hearing aid users do not miss any points during the conference.