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Shed and Shift Services:

Feb 7

Shed and Shift Services

Shed and Shift Services:
Our Services, About Us and How We Can Help you Shed, Shift, Master

Shed and Shift Services

Shed and Shift offers you powerful Shed and Shift services: taking you on an energy journey; a deep and transformational soul alignment process, to help you achieve energy mastery; a space of consciously creating the reality you deserve.

It does this by drawing on a three-step process model: The Shed and Shift Journey.

The Shed and Shift Journey is based on the foundations of deep healing, inner transformation and self-development that connects right to the core for profound and life-changing transformation.

It holds space for conscious beings to work through their karmic journey while honouring their soul’s path and developing a life in alignment with their soul’s truth.

Shed and Shift Journey: How it came to be.

Shed and shift is based on my personal journey.

Being a healer is my soul’s authentic path and truth. I am here to help heal humans, animals and the earth. I am here to deepen the relationship between us. 

Through my journey, I have been trained as an intuitive healer, energy healing, shamanic practitioner, animal healer and spiritual mentor.

Shed and Shift Services

How can I help you as an energy healer, intuitive healer, animal healer and shamanic practitioner do?

Healing can be thought of as finding alignment between mind, body and soul. When there is a deep connection and flow, directly from source, there becomes wholeness and therefore, health.

As a healer, I hold space and guide people on this journey to find alignment by going within.


The shed and shift journey begins with shedding.

Shedding opens a space where true healing can begin. This draws deeply on my experience as a shamanic practitioner.

Shedding, as the name suggests, offers a deep release, a letting go of burdens; it allows the baggage to melt away: whether it be emotional, mental, physical or energetic. This is deeper inner shadow work.

See, as we go through life, we experience a mixture of experiences: good, neutral and not so good. These experiences become a part of who we are as a person, it defines us. It becomes part of our makeup: our belief systems, our emotional reactions; even our physical body.

This is great if experiences are positive: those of love and inner peace.

However, this is not always the case. If it is a very difficult situation on a subjective level, one of energetic trauma, it may be pushed into the subconscious realm.The situation, founded on fear and pain, is now a foundation of who we become. It is part of how we conduct our lives. We are not consciously aware of it.

These “traumas” become energy blocks. When these blocks occur in the flow of energy, stagnation occurs.  The energy cannot flow and send life-giving and revitalizing nourishment on a holistic level.

These blocks can make us feel pain, depression, fear, heaviness, dis-ease and just a general disconnection with life and self.

These energy blocks become what holds you back, keeping you stuck and keeping you from reaching your full potential.

These energy blocks become what keeps you in a space of pain.

To move past this, to move into a space of healing and for the healing to be truly effective, things need to be integrated. We need to deal with the painful experiences. The only want to move from pain is not to go around. It is to go through.

We need to heal by going into the foundations.

What is shedding and how does one do it?

Shedding work comes firstly through willingness, just an openness to living a different reality. It begins with asking yourself, “Am I ready to let go of the pain?” It is setting the intention: ” I have had enough, I want to shed. “

Then it is moving to the shedding work: the inner work, otherwise known as shadow work. It is accessing the parts of us in the shadow, unknown or subconscious. It is specifically aspects that cause us pain, depression or anxiety. 

By delving into the shadow, knocking these foundations, we achieve a deeper sense of wholeness, integration, peace and self.

This work is not easy, but it is worth it. And I work in a very gentle and creative way to make it as smooth and fun as possible.

We can only truly elevate ourselves and raise consciousness if we work through these trauma blocks.

This is worth it, is it not?

Shed and Shift Services: Shedding

Shadow Alchemy

Shadow Alchemy will go deep into shadow work through the use of creativeness, meditation and stories so you can let go of these burdens, release trauma and energetic blocks.

These shadow alchemy sessions delve into the past; accessing the core of the beliefs, right at the origin. It explores how the past has affected your present and how it has made you who you are: a beautiful person.

Shadow alchemy sessions will help you to rediscover your authentic self, your beautiful innate gifts and develop a deeply loving, accepting and integrated partnership with yourself.

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring focuses on identifying and healing areas of your life, through powerful healing tools and intuitive wisdom to help you align deeper with your authentic self while finding a deeper sense of clarity, direction with a deep sense of intuitive knowing and empowerment.

Spiritual mentoring helps you BE more: to be the authentic you in your potential. It will help you to find a new lease on life.


Now we have shedded, we can now move into shifting.

Once shifting has happened, there is now space, a vacuum, that naturally desires to be filled.

We may feel vulnerable BUT there is also a deep sense of lightness, hope and possibilities.

This is beautiful potential that leads to a choice: what do I want to fill this with?

Your soul’s truths. With magic, alignment and intuition.


Through energy healing

As an energy healer and intuitive healer, I hold a space where clients can start bringing this beautiful energy into their life.

I empower them through coaching exercises on how to do so.

Through energy shifting tools: meditation, affirmation, kabbalah, shamanic medicine, reiki, crystal healing and so much more.

These energy techniques are magical.

They clear the remaining stagnant energy, removing them on a deep DNA and subconscious level.

And then replace it with flow, with life- with a deep connection to your soul.

Shifting helps to tap into energy healing tools and move your energy and flow into a beautiful, high vibe place.

This is a beautiful space to be, it is now a space with love and wholeness as its foundations.

It is a beautiful space for meeting and learning about energy, understanding it and exploring its benefits.

It connects you with you on a soul level, opens up to a higher vibe and raises your vibration.

This is refreshing, revitalizing and a joyful space to be in.

Shed and Shift Services:


Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing focuses on bringing balance to mind, body and emotions as its’ energetic core so you can find wholeness through intuitively guided wisdom and energy healing.

This will help you move forward feeling energized and in a space of love, empowered compassion, joy, purpose and total peace.

These intuitive energy healing sessions will help you find tranquility and acceptance within.


Reiki brings you back into balance by aligning your energy through powerful but gentle distant healing allowing you to find a deeper sense of relaxation, comfort, alignment and balance.

These sessions will help you to feel energized and revitalized so you can navigate life feeling calm and in empowered compassion.

Reiki will leave you with a deeper sense of serenity, relaxation, and self-acceptance.

Energy Mastery

This is where we aim to be, a place everyone yearns for: to be a master over our energy.

What does this mean?

To master one’s energy is to be a master over one’s self. It is not being a flawless, perfect being or being in nirvana, at least not all the time. It is navigating life from a space of deep awareness, being connected to your intuition and being able to use your experience of energy to consciously create your life as well as to hold space to shift around you.

It is about being a master, in empowerment, living life from a place of creation and flow. It is being deeply connected to one’s soul truth and authority and alignment.

This state of being brings purpose and a deeper meaning to our lives.

A place of both surrender and creation.

This a place of  compassion empowerment

Taking Energy Mastery Deeper…

There is another aspect to energy master: It goes further than this.

When in energy mastery, we affect everything around us. Because nothing happens in isolation. we are all connected. When WE ARE in energy mastery, we raise the consciousness of people, family, community, the world, as a whole by just being empathic.

If you haven’t yet read this, you can go here: Finding Purpose For Empaths

This is a natural side effect of going through the journey. Being in energy mastery is being in a space of oneness.

You become a lightworker, healer and spiritual guide. You are naturally giving. Why not do so consciously?

I take you on a journey to develop a conscious deeper relationship and connection with our earth, her cycles and her creatures we inhabit the planet with.

Shed and Shift Services:

Energy Mastery 

I help pet owners align with their pets and develop a deeper relationship. We work on consciously understanding the soul relationship: how we support our pets’ soul journey and how they support ours.

Animal Reiki

Animals are very sensitive beings; very in tune with the energy around them which, when out of alignment,  can easily pull them into discomfort and unease.

Animal Reiki is the perfect way to solve this: by helping your animal companion find their balance and center through animal reiki and crystal and chakra balancing.

These sessions help your animal find a deep sense of balance, harmony and relaxation.

Intuitive Animal Healing

Our animal companions are not just a physical body. There is a deep connection between their mind, body and soul. When any of these aspects become blocked energetically, they can experience disease, emotional or mental distress.

An Intuitive Animal Healing Session helps with this by providing powerful, natural and noninvasive healing.  

An intuitive animal healing is channeled through pure intuition, guided by spirit and so they are uniquely tailored and to what your animal person is needing at the present moment to support their soul growth and holistic health.

An animal healing session provides incredible transformation so your pets can move forward in ease, peace, health, balance and comfort.

Earth and Animal Healers

I help people live a life in alignment with our planet and our animals through living a cleaner, eco-friendly lifestyle aligning with mother earth. Being able to heal and give back to how she gives to us.

I show you how to become a conscious earth and animal healer.

Body Conscious Diagnostic

Body Conscious Diagnostic is a one-of-a-kind offering that focuses on healing for mind, body and soul through the body conscious diagnostic assessment.

Body Conscious Diagnostic will tap into the overall functioning and root cause that is leading to dis-ease within the body.

And then will heal it through customizing your ideal vegan lifestyle for your unique body type.

These sessions will help you find optimum health and wellness on a holistic level.

Holistic Body Conscious Diagnostic

Holistic Body Conscious Diagnostic is a powerful holistic healing system that explores the mind-body connection through energetic diagnosis.

This powerful healing system accesses the root cause, on all holistic levels, then designs a customized plan to release, heal and realign the body through powerful energy balancing, eco-living and plant spirit medicine.

It then helps to release, heal and realign the body leaving us feeling a deep sense of lightness, connection to self and free.

This is such a rewarding journey. And the health benefits are incredible.  A vegan diet is one of the healthiest lifestyles.

Shed and Shift Journey

This is the beautiful journey that the shed and shift journey takes us on, meeting you where you are at, staying for as long as you need to be in each aspect.

This is the healing journey, whether you are in either phase: shed, shift, master;  or choose to spend time in one of them, that is ok.

Interesting to find out more about Shed and shift services? Let us connect