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What happens in an energy healing session?

Feb 15

 What happens in an energy healing session?


Energy Healing Session

Reiki, energy healing, spiritual mentoring and animal reiki are the new in-thing. For the newbies on this path though, it may seem a bit daunting not knowing what is energy healingwhat to expect from an energy healing session or knowing what happens in an energy healing healing session

In this blog, I will give you an explanation describing what to expect from an energy healing session. As I do work a bit differently from many practitioners, I have adapted this to an experience of specifically working with me.

What is an energy healing session?

A mentoring or energy healing session is about creating a sacred space for you, the client or our animal people, whether it be on the level of body, mind or soul, to release energetic traumas, shift your energy and find energy mastery.

It is creating a space that opens the possibility to move into self-love, acceptance, joy, purpose, soul alignment and total peace.

What does Sacred Space mean?

sacred spaceDuring these sacred sessions, I first connect with the source or oneness of all that is. I then invite our loving spirit guides, animal totems or angels that align with the highest good of all those involved. These energies are always positive and work in the light.

I hold space for them to come through and surround these sessions with their beautiful energy and to guide your healing process.

What does holding space mean?

During your energy healing session, I am fully present, channelling this high vibrational energy that aligns with the universe or source: in a space of unconditional love and acceptance for who you are and where you are. This is where I meet you: from a space of deep listening to you and your energy, and therefore a deep understanding comes through of what you need to heal within the moment.

By holding this space, I allow your energy to meet the energy within our sacred space, with our spirit guides, allowing for the shedding of energetic trauma, shifting of energy and allowing for your soul’s guidance to come through.

All this is done in a gentle, loving and accepting way.

My role as a healer

My role is not to change you or miraculously alter your life.

My role as a healer is to invite the space in for you to raise your energy and vibration so you can align more with your soul.

What to expect from a healer

During healing sessions, processing uncomfortable emotions and experiences may occur. This is necessary for healing. I create a space where you feel safe, understood and accepted where you can do so.

I am there to support you through it. I am there to guide you where you need to go. I often help carry the burden’s energetically of what you are going through so you do not have to do so alone.

Your role as a client

Your role as a client is simple: show up with good intentions. Be open to the possibility of healing. Be prepared to do the work.

Because this work is often on an energy level, it becomes easier to process than if it were on a physical level.

Many things happen on an energy level that may not be felt on a physical, mental or emotional level. Your role is to learn to surrender to the process.

What to expect from an energy healing session?

These sessions work in three parts.what to expect from an energy healing session

The first opens with a general discussion. This falls into the shedding category of a more psychological approach. It will be a general and short discussion where I ask you how you are, what’s going on, where you are at, what challenges you are experiencing, what you would like to change and goals for the session. During this discussion, we may use intuitively guided coaching or card readings, to access blocks, pain points or energetic trauma. We will set our intentions for the session here.

The second part is moving into the energy shifting. We open up our energy to beautiful earth-based and powerful healing tools. This is where magic and huge conscious soul shifting happens. Energetic trauma may be released instantly. Pain may be lifted. Possibilities opened. This leads to a feeling of total peace, inner love and empowered compassion.

The last part is the closing of the session. To cement the effects, I usually give some simple but transformative coaching homework to do.

Sessions are intuitive

All mentioned before, these sessions are from source and guided by spirit and our spirit guides. I am an intuitive channel that allows what healing and messages are meant to come through. I journey and connect with my guides and yours to find out what should be done.

For this reason, I never know what healing sessions are going to come through. Each session is unique and adapted to your personal needs. Things may differ from the intention as something more important may feel.

Sometimes I don’t even remember what has happened afterwards in the sessions. Because I am a channel. The healing comes through me, not necessarily from me

How to prepare for a healing session

It is good to wear loose and comfortable clothes during sessions.

Intentions are important, and we will discuss them more in the session.

Make sure that you will have 30 to 60 minutes free without any interruptions.

What happens in an energy intake session?

In the first session, we will spend some time discussing a bit of background around childhood, current circumstances as well as spiritual, mental and emotional health.

We will be discussing your questions around energy healing, going in more depth about what to expect.

We will also be discussing your religion or spiritual views, belief systems and what healing you will be comfortable including in the session. I only work with what you feel is in alignment with you.

For your animals, this will include a discussion with the pets’ guardian about the history of the pet including health, behavioural, emotional and their childhood.

what happens in an energy healing session?

Being in an energy healing zone is magic.what happens in an energy healing session

The healing session is a time for you. It is a time to nurture the self. It would be recommended for this time to just relax.

For these sessions, you are welcome to light a candle or incense or play relaxing music. Then, you usually lie down and get comfortable as you would for a nap. You close your eyes. And then you drift.

There are no expectations. You can meditate, lie down, allow thoughts to come (although they usually will drift away), sleep…it does not matter. Each experience is what you need at the time

For those that are struggling to relax, I may suggest doing so creative work such as art or writing

As long as you are open to the healing and in a relaxed state of mind. The more relaxed you are, the more receptive you will be to the healing. 

For your pet, It is recommended that your animholdsal person is allowed to rest during this time. Allow them the freedom to choose to sleep or play. Not any walks, focused training or feeding time.

What does one experience during an energy healing session?

When I do healing for myself and get into this space, it is like being in a different space of consciousness, one of pure love and acceptance, where this gentle and beautiful energy just holds me and very gentle shifts things for me. Others tell me similar positive experiences: of being asleep but not, of feeling amazing energy flow through their body, of connecting with positive beings. Everyone experiences it differently.

As for animals, they love, and I mean LOVE, energy work. It is natural for them and they embrace it fully. They may use these sessions to relax, release burdens or find peace.

Most become very relaxed and doze off. Others may carry on as usual.

You usually will notice that they become a lot calmer and more peaceful after these types of sessions.

Other times, you may notice things are being released.

What to expect after an energy healing session?

After the session, different things may happen.

Sometimes, you may be feeling relaxed, lighter and clearer.

Other times, things are being released and this can lead to a healing crisis. This is a good sign although it doesn’t always feel good.

You may experience symptoms similar to a physical detox ( cold, sore joints) or it can be strong emotions. 

This will pass.

Animals may find a new sense of calmness and confidence after a session. Almost like their worries have been lifted.

Others may experience this healing crisis as well.  Once again, a positive sign and it will pass. This may be seen as a physical release, runny nose or eyes, joint stiffness or diarrhoea in the pet. It can also be strong emotions being shown. 

If you feel these symptoms are very intense for you or your pet, please speak to me immediately and maybe a vet to discuss and if needed to book another session. 

Remote Healing Or In person?

The difference between remote and in-person is that I will hold my hands over the body to channel the energy if I were there in person.

However, on an energy level, this makes no difference if I am physical with you or not.

Energy transcends space so by connecting with your energy, I can send healing just as effectively.

Many clients can feel the healing and have incredible experiences


All the support happens during sessions. It is where your guides are fully present with you. However, for general support, my WhatsApp is available during office hours to reach out. I am more than happy to hear from you.


As a healer, I do not make any promises.

So much happens beyond what we can see. So often I see my clients making incredible transformations on an energy level for them to not feel it because it hasn’t yet manifested. After a few sessions, they may come back and tell me they feel like a new person.

Or things may need to break apart for change and healing to happen. This may not feel positive but it is part of the healing process and part of aligning your life with your soul’s purpose. 

As mentioned before, your healing is being guided by spirit. Healing is on the universes terms; not ours. It has its own path and that is one we need to align to. 

I share my experiences. I share others experiences. I share benefits.

Each journey is an individualized one that happens in its own time.

I hold space, invite your soul and our guides to do what healing work needs to be done within the moment.