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When you need to avoid seeing a chiropractor?

Mar 14

A chiropractor might help with neck, back, or joint discomfort. A chiropractor in Tacoma, WA can assist with various kinds of joint, nerve, and muscle pain. These techniques can also aid in the healing process of your body.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Studies have shown that chiropractic care can be effective for specific conditions. There is strong proof that chiropractic treatment can treat whiplash-related headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and joint pain. There are also certain conditions that chiropractors might be competent to treat. However, the evidence is not as strong. This includes asthma and high blood pressure.

If you're thinking of going to a chiropractor, it is crucial to be aware of the issues and circumstances he will take care of.


High blood pressure: Many chiropractors offer spinal manipulation treatments to treat high blood pressure. According to some reports, chiropractic neck treatment might lower blood pressure. In a study from 2014, chiropractic neck manipulation was found to be more effective than fake chiropractic care for patients with high blood pressure. After six weeks, the blood pressure levels did not differ between the two groups.


Asthma is yet another problem that chiropractors treat. Eight studies have been done regarding the use of chiropractic in treating asthma. They concluded that it should not be used instead of traditional medical treatment.


Studies have found a link between the damage to the cervical artery and manipulation of the neck by a chiropractor. The incidence of strokes is extremely low, and it is not considered clinically significant by the authors. A stroke results from a decline in the supply of blood to your brain. Damage to the blood vessels that line your neck could result in strokes.


Your chiropractor will let you know when surgery or medication is a better option for your condition. Chiropractors don't prescribe drugs or do surgery. Also, chiropractors do not treat:


  • Post-op patients

Although chiropractic can be an effective method for rehabilitation patients who have undergone surgery, it's important not to perform adjustments too soon. Chiropractors will always inquire about your medical history. Reliable chiropractors will schedule adjustments later when your doctor allows you to resume regular activity.


  • Cancer patients

Cancer patients shouldn't have regular visits to their chiropractors. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can cause bone loss. If a chiropractor isn't equipped with the correct information, they could make adjustments that cause discomfort. However, adjustments can help ease tension. Speak to your doctor first.

  • Patients with severe osteoporosis

If you are suffering from severe osteoarthritis, the chiropractor you see should not adjust. While they can provide additional services, including nutrition counseling and gentle trigger point stimulation to patients suffering from bone issues, chiropractors are not trained to adjust.


A reputable chiropractor will look over your medical history to determine why you are coming to them for adjustments. In cases like the one below, they might not be able to adjust you. Instead, they might suggest massage therapists or give gentle advice, such as stretching exercises.


Chiropractic Care can be complementary

Chiropractic care is more than manipulating the spine. Chiropractic care is more than just using the spine. Chiropractic care does not just include the manipulation of your spine. It also provides advice on healthy lifestyle habits like exercise, food, nutrition, and how to eat right. This holistic approach is a holistic one that addresses your overall health and well-being.


Although you might not be eligible for chiropractic care due to a particular problem, conventional medical care is still accessible.


Discuss with your doctor the alternative health options you may be interested in. You should also notify your chiropractor of any medical issues. Both of you want the best for your health.

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