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What are the most common Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques?

Apr 19


Also referred to as spinal manipulation chiropractic adjustments are also called "spinal manipulation". It's a form of manual therapy that assists to relieve pressure from the joints and increase the range of motion. This treatment is used to treat neck and back as well as headaches. It can be used by chiropractors for minor ailments.

Chiropractors in Tacoma Wa has the ability to employ more than 100 kinds of techniques for manipulation. Some techniques are gentle, and others require the use of controlled, rapid force to a joint of the spinal.

Here are some of the most common chiropractic adjustments.


1. Diversified Technique

The technique is multi-purpose and has three main objectives to improve the alignment of the spine, correct joint pain, and permit proper movement and mobility. Practitioners can utilize precise hands-on thrusts to restore spinal alignment and improve the range of motion for patients who might be affected by misaligned bones or joints. The Diversified Technique is employed by 96% of chiropractors treating approximately 70% of their patients.


2. Spinal Manipulation (aka Spinal Mobilization)

Physical therapists and chiropractors use the technique of spinal manipulation (also called manual therapy or spine mobilization) to relieve the pressure on joints, decrease inflammation, and enhance the function of the nerve. Spinal mobilization is a manual therapy method similar to the diversified version utilizes gentler thrusting motions and requires more stretching.


3. Thompson Drop-Table Technique

Thompson Drop-Table uses tables that have drop mechanisms and cushioned platforms. The doctor can lower or drop the patient by just a fraction of an ind, while the doctor makes a swift motion to adjust the position. Patients feel at ease by the gentle motion of dropping that is similar to a slight vibration.


4. The Gonstead Adjustment

For restoring normal alignment of the disc and to maximize mobility, the Gonstead Adjustment is an alternative. The patient is able to lie on their back or sit up during the adjustment.

The unique contact point of the Gonstead adjustment can be used as the patient lies on the bed or sits up as the chiropractor adjusts the lower back and pelvis.


5. The Method of Activation Method

Chiropractors often use a small handheld device referred to as"Activator" or "Activator" to provide gentle stimulation to the extremities of their spine and vertebral segments. The device is spring-loaded and adjusts the tension in the nerve system. It is suitable to treat a variety of conditions, including headaches and lower back pain.

6. Flexion-Distraction

Flexion-Distraction uses a table to distract the spine and flex it in a slow, steady movement. The treatment is used to treat disc injuries that can cause back and leg pain. This adjustment is painless, easy to do, and is a good choice for patients who have been injured recently or are sensitive to adjustments of other kinds.


7. Decompression of the Spine

The process of spinal decompression is more like an adjustment for chiropractic than it is a chiropractic technique. However, it is able to successfully treat lower back pain that is caused by degenerated, bulging, or herniated discs. The procedure uses a specific table that gently stretches the spine, thereby promoting healthy fluid flow through the spinal.

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