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The Recommended Center Organizing Marriage Retreats Near Me

May 24

What can you say about your relationship? Is it fairing as you expected, or are you having issues? No relationship is perfect. Issues will come and go, but how you deal with them will determine if your marriage works or not. In case your issues are beyond you, you should seek help. An Affair Of The Heart is a recommended center offering Intensive Marriage Retreats to help couples in crisis. You are welcome to our retreats if you are experiencing the following signs or issues.

No Communication

Excellent communication happens when a couple talks about their feelings, experiences, and current affairs regarding their family and surroundings. If you and your partner never have serious communication about happenings in your life, you have a problem. You need to come to our Marriage Retreat to improve your communication skills. That way, you will communicate effectively with your partner, and it will be easier to rekindle your love and rebuild your almost-dying relationship.

Not Having Common Goals or Aspirations

After getting married and staying for months or years, you can realize that you and your partner have different goals and aspirations in life. But that should not make you break up. You just need to understand each other and come up with common goals you can achieve as a couple. When you come to our Couples Retreats, our trained and experienced therapists will help you understand each other and set goals together. We will ensure you come to an agreement and focus on working together to save your relationship.

No Affection 

Affection is what keeps relationships going. If you and your partner have a problem with sexual intimacy, you need to come to our upcoming NYC Couples Therapy retreat. Our team will help you revive your sexual attraction so that you can enjoy the best moments like before. We know it won't be easy, but we will teach you tips to strengthen your bond and feel attracted to each other for happier marriage life.

Lack of Trust

Broken trust is hard to reestablish. It takes time to earn trust again after an affair. But with the right approach, we can help you rebuild trust. Our Couples Therapy Retreats use proven methods to help you overcome trauma caused by unfaithfulness. We will give you a chance to talk with your partner and express how you feel to allow you to vent out. Then, our team will bring their expertise to help you heal and move forward with renewed vows.

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