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Why We Do What We Do | TED Talks Part 5

Jul 11

The history of our world is these decisions when a woman stands up and says No, I won't go to the back of the bus. She didn't just affect her life that decision shaped our culture. Or someone standing in front of a tech or being in a position like aren't Lance Armstrong and someone says to you, you've got testicular cancer, that's pretty tough for any male especially if you ride a bike. You got it in your brain you've got in your lungs. But what was his decision of what to focus on? Different than most people? What did it mean it wasn't the end it was the beginning. What are you gonna do? He goes off and wins seven championships he never once once before the cancer because he got emotional fitness, psychological strength. That's the difference in human beings I've seen of a 3 million have been around because that's what my lap I've had 3 million people from 80 Different countries that I've had a chance to interact with over the last 29 years. 

And after a while patterns become obvious. You see that South America and Africa maybe connect in a certain way, right? Other people say oh, that sounds ridiculous. It's simple. So what shape lancement shapes you two invisible forces very quickly, one state we all have had times have you had a time you did something and FTD you thought to yourself I can't believe I said that. I can't believe I did that. That was so stupid. who's been there? Say I have you ever done something? That was me. It wasn't your ability was your state. I should be able to change that quickly. But what I want to finish with quickly here as your model of the world is what shapes you longterm. Your model the world is the filter. That's what's shaping us. That's what makes people make decisions. We want to influence somebody we're going to know what already influences them. And it's made up of three parts I believe. 

First, what's your target? What are you after, which I believe it's not your desires, your needs, your desires goals? How many of you got a goal desire and thought? Is this all there is how many been there say I so it's needs we have I believe there's six human needs Second, once you know what the target that's driving you and then you uncover it for the truth you don't form it you uncover it. Then you find out what your map what's the belief systems that are telling you how to get those needs. Some people think want to get those needs is destroy the world some people's to build something, create something, love someone, and then there's the fuel you pick. 

So very quickly six needs let me tell you what they are first one certainty. Now these are not goals or desires. These are universal. Everyone needs certainty that they can avoid pain and bliss be comfortable. Now how do you get control everybody develop a skill give up smoke a cigarette? If you're not totally certain ironically, even though we all need that, like you're not certain about your health or your children or money. You don't think about much right? That's true. But while we go for certainty differently, we get total certainty. We get what you feel if you're certain you know what's gonna happen when it's gonna happen, how it's gonna happen. What would you feel bored out your mind so God in her infinite wisdom gave us a second human need, which is uncertainty. We need variety. We need surprise how many of you here loves surprises?

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