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Why We Do What We Do | TED Talks Part 6 - End

Jul 13

So I want to be respectful 10 seconds. All I can tell you is I brought this man on stage with a man from New York who worked in the World Trade Center because I had about 200 New Yorkers there more than 50 lost their entire companies their friends, marking off their palm pilots one financial trader this woman made a steel balling 30 Friends crossing off and all died. And what I did to people said what are we going to focus on?

What does this mean? Was it what are we going to do?

I took the group and got people to focus on if you didn't learn how to win we've gotten she's so angry and screaming yelling that she wasn't pretty New York. She's not an American. She doesn't know anybody here. I said you always get angry. She said yes. guilty people got guilty, sad. People got sad and I took these two men and did what I call an indirect negotiation. Jewish man was family in the occupied territory, some New York who would have died if he was at work that day. And his man who wanted to be a terrorist and made it very clear, and the integration that happened is on a film which I'll be happy to send you.

So you can really see what actually happens to them my verbalization of it. But the two of them not only came together and change their beliefs and models of world but they work together to bring for almost four years now to various mosques and synagogues the idea of how to create peace and you wrote a book which is called My jihad, my way of peace. So transformation can happen. So my invitation to you is this.

Explore your web, the web and hear the needs the beliefs, the emotions that are controlling you for two reasons. So there's more of you to give now cheap to we don't want to do it but I mean give because that's what's gonna fill you up. And secondly, so you can appreciate, not just understand that's intellectual, that's mine, but appreciate what's driving other people. It's the only way our world is going to change. God bless you. Thank you hopefully.

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