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5 Sports Massage Myths You Should Not Believe

Sep 10

Sports massage is a great way to relieve pain, increase versatility, and enhance your total efficiency. However, there are a lot of myths out there about sports massage that can avoid individuals from taking advantage of this helpful treatment. In this blog post, we'll resolve a few of the most typical misconceptions about sports massage so that you can make an educated decision about whether it's best for you.

Myth #1: Sports Massage is Just for Athletes

One of the most typical myths about sports massage is that it's just for professional athletes. This just isn't true! Anybody who takes part in physical activity can take advantage of sports massage. Whether you're a weekend warrior or an expert athlete, sports massage can help you recuperate from exercises and avoid injuries.

If you have a desk job and experience back discomfort from sitting all day, regular sports massages can help ease that discomfort. Or if you just finished an exhausting hike, a sports massage can help your muscles recuperate more rapidly.

Myth #2: Sports Massage Hurts

Another common mistaken belief about sports massage is that it hurts. While deep tissue massages can be somewhat unpleasant, sports massages shouldn't hurt. Your therapist ought to customize the pressure and techniques to your particular needs and comfort level. If you're ever in pain during a sports massage, make sure to let your therapist understand so they can change their pressure appropriately.

Having stated that, it's typical to feel some pain throughout and after a sports massage. This is since the therapist is working deep into your muscles to release tension. You might likewise experience some pain or stiffness in the days following your massage as your muscles adjust to the brand-new level of activity. However, this should disappear within a couple of days. If the pain persists, be sure to follow up with your therapist.

Myth #3: Sports Massage is Only for Injuries

While sports massage can be handy in treating injuries, it's likewise advantageous for preventing them. Regular sports massages can assist increase blood circulation to your muscles, enhance flexibility, and decrease your danger of injury. So whether you're dealing with an injury or trying to prevent one, sports massage can be a helpful treatment. The secret is to find a therapist who is experienced in dealing with professional athletes and can tailor the massage to your particular needs.

If you are injured, sports massage can assist speed up your recovery by lowering swelling and promoting blood flow to the hurt area. While you need to constantly speak with your doctor before beginning any brand-new treatment, sports massage can be a helpful addition to your recovery strategy.

Myth #4: You Shouldn't Get a Sports Massage if You're Not Aching

You do not have to wait till you're in discomfort to get a sports massage! Massage treatments can in fact assist prevent injuries by keeping your muscles and joints healthy and flexible.

If you're not currently dealing with an injury, you can still benefit from sports massage. As we mentioned in the past, regular sports massages can assist increase blood flow to your muscles and enhance flexibility.

Myth #5: One Session suffices

Just like you wouldn't anticipate to see outcomes from going to the fitness center once, you shouldn't expect one sports massage session to be a cure-all. Massage therapy is most efficient when it's part of a regular routine.

Final Thoughts
The bottom line is that anybody can gain from sports massage, regardless of their activity level. If you're dealing with an injury, struggling to prevent injuries, or just seeking to improve your general health, think about adding sports massage to your regimen. Just be sure to find a therapist who is experienced in dealing with athletes and can tailor the massage to your particular requirements.

The next time you're handling muscle discomfort or soreness, don't be reluctant to schedule a sports massage. And if you're not currently in discomfort, think about getting one anyhow! Get ahead of the game and prevent injuries before they take place.

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