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SEO Rockstars

Nov 1

The SERPs have been volatile over the last 6 months. There have been multiple algorithm updates: Product Review Update, Core Update, and the latest kid on the block, the Helpful Content Update (HCU). 


If you are looking to learn what’s working now and fool-proof your sites and clients’ from future algorithm updates then you should be at SEO Rockstars. It is going to be fun, educational, and engaging.


SEO Rockstars is an annual SEO conference where the best SEOs and underground ninjas come to share actionable gems to help you level up your SEO game and take your agency to the next level.


The 11th and next edition of SEO Rockstars is ONLY 10 days away:


Date: November 10th-12th, 2022.

City: Dallas, Texas.

Conference Mode: In Person

The SEO Rockstars Conference


The SEO Rockstars Conference is a game-changer for anyone looking to expand their SEO knowledge. The event provides a fantastic opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn actual tactics that move the needle in the ever evolving SEO landscape. This conference is perfect for both veterans and those just starting out.


SEO Rockstars is open to all SEO specialists and enthusiasts. The conference will provide you tested and proven SEO strategies to crack Google and rank for the most profitable keywords in your niches while your competitors continue to chase shadows.


At the SEO Rockstars Conference, you will get a chance to meet and interact with the all-star speakers and SEO experts across multiple industries. The conference will provide you with all the latest tools, knowledge and blueprint you need to get the most out of your SEO campaigns.


Get ready to learn and have fun.

Meet Dori Friend- Founder/Convener of SEO Rockstars

Dori Friend is the Founder of SEORockstars. She  started out as a human interface designer for the Apple Vision Software Team and later launched, her first internet venture following her departure from Apple Inc.


In 2007, Dori Friend established SEONitro, LLC, a business that creates software for deconstructing Web search engine ranking formulas and automating SEO procedures. She’s today a recognized expert in the field of search engine optimization and frequently presents at SEO and Internet marketing conferences including Yanik Silver Underground, Inbox Blueprint Live, and of course SEORockstars.


She belongs to the Maverick 1000, a select group of business owners who are worth or make over $1 million and have published a book on SEO in 2015.

6 Reasons You Should be at SEO Rockstars This November


There are many awesome benefits of being at the SEO Rockstars Conference but here are a few of the amazing things you can look forward to:

1. Networking

One of the biggest things to look forward to is a chance to physically meet, connect and interact with some of the biggest names in the industry. You probably have seen these guys on Youtube, online shows and podcasts but nothing compares to seeing them live in person. This provides you an opportunity to meet them in person, strike up a conversion, build a relationship with them and who knows, there might be a chance to collaborate too, if you share mutual interests.

2. Access to Premium Tools and Software

SEO Rockstars gives you an opportunity to access the latest tools and software for audits, ONpage, keyword research, schema, entity extraction and topic clusters. You’ll learn about advanced tools to automate some of your tasks and processes so you and your team can get more done in less time efficiently. You’ll get to meet some of the main tools and software providers at SEO Rockstars. You can expect to get free hands on tutorials and demos you know exactly how each tool works and how best to use them.

3. Q & A Sessions

This is where the SEO myths get busted as you get direct access to SEO veterans who will answer your questions.  The Q&A sessions can help you understand how to use a specific tool, actionable tips to move your agency forward and never-revealed-before secrets of the underground ninjas who dedicate their lives to tests and case studies.

4. Sales Opportunities

If you are knowledgeable and experienced, the SEO Rockstars Conference can be a place where you can get some good sales opportunities, a joint venture, or something else. Attending the conference can get you talking to someone who might want to use your services or software. 

5. Get a Fresh Perspective 

Attending the SEO Rockstars Conference  and engaging in one-on-one conversations with other attendees on the projects they are working on provides a fresh perspective on how to tackle things. Meeting people who see things differently than you do can teach so much. 

6. Memorable Experience 

The incredible lineup of speakers is one the reasons you don’t want to miss the conference. It’s going to be fun and full of knowledge bombs that can make a wordl of difference in your agency. This year's SEO Rockstars has over 20 speakers, who are all experts in different fields of SEO and marketing.


This event gives you a unique opportunity to learn and absorb information on several levels from leading industry experts.


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Meet the Speakers

This year's SEO Rockstars Conference event, just like any other, is star-studded. Here are some of the top speakers to expect at the event.


Clint Butler: Clint from SEO Brainiac is a result-driven SEO specialist that has taught hundreds of business owners, freelancers, and others to rank higher and grow their businesses with SEO.


Dixon Jones: Dixon of Majestic & Inlinks is one of the best SEO teachers around, with over 20 years of experience in search marketing and 25 years of business innovation experience. 


Ted Kubaitis: He is a pioneer in the field of SoftwareSoftware and began his career there. He developed SEO tools and services that made him well-known

Ted is considered a thought leader in the business and has more than 20 years of experience in SEO. He is the creator of Cora SEO Software and the CEO of the SEO Tool Lab.


Lisa Parziale: Lisa spent the last ten years building a seven-figure digital marketing agency. She founded Agency Fast Track with the aim of teaching agency owners, SEO professionals, and web developers how to build and scale their own six- or seven-figure businesses. 


Carolyn Holzman: Carolyn of American Way Media has over 13 years of experience in both local and national SEO. Her SEO testing research revealed a flaw in Google's indexation processes, which resulted in modified procedures for indexation requests. Carolyn is the host and producer of the SEO Fight Club TV on Roku and Amazon.


Marty Marion: Marty is the founder of Master Positioning and author of The Positioning Matrix, teaches how to influence how prospective clients and customers see your brand and choose you over your competitors. He'll expand on positioning science to allow you to influence your market's decision-making.


Elisabeth Samuels: Elisabeth is the resident web and graphic designer for Salterra. She also has extensive knowledge of the visual components of digital marketing and SEO.


Brock Misner: He is the Co-Founder and CFO of Marketing Divine. Brock focuses on Google Pay Per Click, Facebook Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization. He also mentors and educates other marketers, agencies, and business owners on how to increase their online presence.


Bruno Souza: Bruno is a professional SEO focusing on scaled local Lead Gen, E-com, and GoHighlevel. His clientele is large, national businesses with annual sales of between $7 and $9 million. He devotes his free time to exercising, exploring the world, and spreading memes.


Craig Campbell: Craig is a Glasgow-based SEO specialist with 18 years of experience. He currently trains many companies and people who want to improve their digital skills using blackhat techniques.


Danny Rios: Danny, who runs a very successful agency, is new to SEORockstars but not new to SEO. Danny developed a better mousetrap and automated the entire client journey while owning and managing an agency. 


Derek Booth: Derek began working in the online marketing industry in the summer of 1998 and shares the unique techniques, strategies, and hacks he has learned and implemented over the years.


Honey Witcher: Recently infamous for crashing an image SEO competition to rank photographs in 24 hours. Not only did she rank with Terry Power and Lee's assistance, but they also quickly ranked the website and photographs.


Chris Palmer: Chris is the owner of Chris Palmer Marketing SEO, a Pennsylvania-based company that provides internet marketing services and SEM training. Chris is well-known for the SEO Mastermind and his YouTube channels; Chris Palmer SEO offers global corporations a broad range of services.


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