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Maximizing the Results of Your Facial Treatment Through Post-Facial Care

Nov 3

Work hard and enjoy yourself. What a motivating phrase. However, the time and effort you devote to your job and social life leaves little to no time for skin care. The outcome? These include visible sun damage, clogged pores, dry skin, excessive wrinkles, and acne. And for someone as busy as you, what should be the next move?


It's time for a Facial in Rockhill, SC. So admit it: your skin might use a soothing facial to improve its state and beauty. Fortunately, our skin clinic offers a variety of facials to address many of your problems.


A facial is an excellent method to refresh and rejuvenate your face, but if you don't give your skin the proper post-treatment care, its results can wear off quickly.


Do you need a professional's help? The post-facial care procedure described in this article will help you make the most of your facial. But first, we'll help you understand what to anticipate after therapy.

What Should We Aim For?



Following a face treatment, it is typical for a small area of skin to become red. Therefore, manual extractions that use force, like squeezing, to cure clogged pores and remove blackheads are more prevalent.



After a facial, there can be some redness from a slight peel. This is typically a sign that your skin will peel a few days after treatment. However, the tightness and glossiness of exfoliated skin are also typical.

What Not to Do After a Face Treatment

Lots Much Makeup Use


While your pores are still open after your facial, avoid wearing makeup for at least one day. Applying makeup can clog pores and increase breakouts.



Excessive heat in the shower or sauna can trigger rashes, swelling, and breakouts on the freshly treated skin. The same is true for excessive sweating; therefore, for at least a day following treatment, refrain from engaging in any activity that could lead to excessive sweating, which could clog your pores.


Similarly, avoid wiping your face with an exercise towel. Even if your face has not recently been treated, the harsh chemicals used to wash these towels can irritate your pores.



Picking is never a good idea, especially right after treatment, no matter how alluring it may be. This will cause more outbreaks and skin damage, which could leave scars.

Keeping Your Face Clean


The advantage of receiving a facial will lose the benefits of obtaining a facial if you wash your face immediately. Instead, wait at least a day before washing your face, mainly if you use strong cleansers that include chemicals that could irritate your skin and make it red.


After the no-wash time, you may now wash your face. But remember that there is still a need for tenderness. To prevent irritating the still-sensitive skin, rinse your face with warm water and a mild facial cleanser.

U.V. Radiation


After receiving a facial treatment, going outside in the sun can only increase your skin's deteriorating effects from the sun. Use the right sunscreen for your skin type and limit your exposure to the sun to protect your face.

Care for Post-Facial Treatment

  1. Hydrate

Your glowing skin will last longer after a facial treatment if you stay hydrated. However, regardless of whether you have recently undergone treatment, you should drink lots of fluids because it has been demonstrated that they enhance your general health. In addition to giving you a smoother, more radiant complexion, it also flushes out impurities and guards against dehydration.

  1. Moisturize


Moisturizing is still required to maintain the effects of a facial treatment, even if you have oily skin. A moisturizer creates a protective layer of moisture on the skin, enhancing hydration and minimizing flaking and dullness. It can also improve the performance of anti-aging drugs when used correctly.

  1. Products for facial cleansing


It would be best if you treated anything that touches your face, such as your pillowcases and makeup brushes, with the same level of care that you would. For instance, washing or replacing your pillowcases after a facial treatment is advisable. By doing this, microbes won't be able to penetrate your skin. Likewise, to stop bacteria from getting on your skin, it's crucial to clean your makeup brushes and blenders at least once every two weeks.

  1. Live a Healthful Lifestyle


Perhaps the best skincare advice someone could get is this. Despite all the benefits of skincare techniques, maintaining a clear complexion still requires inside care. Consume a balanced diet and engage in lots of physical activity. Stay away from bad habits that could eventually harm your skin.

Our goal at River District Aesthetics is to assist you in maintaining radiant, healthy skin. Our team of experts provides various services that you can customize to meet your unique needs. So call us right away to arrange a consultation!