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An Affair of The Heart: Marriage Counseling Retreats in Northampton, MA

Dec 4

If you’re considering visiting a retreat center for your relationship, you ought to hire professional services. Marriage counseling can be overwhelming due to the household issues involved. Unless you get professional Marriage Counseling Retreats, things might fall out of control. And the only trusted center for professional and reputable marriage counseling is An Affair Of The Heart. The experts there are fully trained to deliver on their promises. The results are outstanding and you and your partner will get back home happy and feeling loved again. If you are ready for the Relationship Retreats, contact the team and learn more about how they can help you.

We use evidence-based techniques

Does the retreat center you are considering use proven methods that are backed by scientific research for their effectiveness? Not all modalities are created equal and some have been shown to work better than others, especially for couples that are currently experiencing a rough spot in their relationship. Our techniques are increasingly evidence-based to provide great results during Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats

We follow a strict protocol

We want to preface this by stating that there are several great Couples Therapy Weekend that does not follow a strict protocol, but it is hard to guarantee success unless they are using a modality that has been proven over the course of time to provide a consistently high level of effectiveness for all types of couples in all situations. Using proven techniques and methodologies, a relationship coach is in a better position to provide you with value and ensure that your retreat is a success.

We are science-oriented

At An Affair Of The Heart, we offer a unique framework that is based on the science of adult attachment in relationships, working on the core elements of who we are and how we connect to one another. Our Intensive Marriage Retreats draw heavily on the Emotionally Focused Therapy Informed Hold Me Tight workshop developed by Sue Johnson, originator of EFT. 

We’ll help you Identify the negative cycle of disconnection

Learn about your unconscious attachment style and how it affects your ability to stay connected to your partner, complicates your ability to proactively work through issues, and contributes to personal attacks, blaming, withdrawal, and shutting down. Learn new ways of coping with challenges so that you can see the cycle as your shared enemy, not your partner, and maintain a positive connection even in the midst of challenging moments. 

An Affair Of The Heart
43 Center St G, Northampton, MA 01060
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