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5 Steps To Pressure Washing Your Deck Or Patio

Dec 7

Pressure washing It is a method for cleaning dirt and grime off your patio or deck using detergent and water. Here are the five steps you can take to clean your deck no matter if it is made of concrete, vinyl or wood.

Why do you pressure wash your deck?

1. A deck is able to be pressure washed to get rid of dust, dirt and other debris collected over time. The process of pressure washing your deck will keep it looking beautiful and will stop it from deterioration and weathering.

2. Choose the right pressure washer to do the task. A high-pressure washer is ideal for large areas. A low pressure washer is best for smaller surfaces.

3. Before beginning any work be sure to study the safety instructions. Also, be aware of the potential dangers associated with making use of pressure washers. If anything goes wrong, ensure you have someone to assist you.

How do you pressure wash a Deck

Here are the steps to pressure wash your patio or deck.

1. Make sure you have a large space for you to work in.

2. Fill the container with water and set it on the ground.

3. The water will be turned on by connecting the hoses either to your sprinkler system, or to the garden hose.

4. Place one foot in the water, and then place your body on the edge of the pressure washer's surface. Your weight must be applied to the water, leaning toward the forward direction. Keep your other hand raised up to shield yourself from being struck with debris flying from the sprinkler system, or hose.

5. Move slowly across the area to be cleaned using enough pressure to clean all surfaces , but not to the point that you damage the furniture, plants or trees. Switch off the water source when you are done.

What kind of material will I need to pressure wash my deck?

A pressure washer is necessary for decks or patios constructed of concrete. You can use a pressure washer to clean your patio or deck made of wood, or you can use a garden sprayer.

What can I do to clean my deck after using the pressure washer?

Cleaning a patio or deck may seem overwhelming but it's not impossible with the appropriate tools. These are some tips to wash your patio or deck after pressure washing.

1. Begin by cleaning up all debris that fell off the deck or patio during the cleaning process. Clean up any debris using the help of a broom, or dustpan then place it into a trash bag.

2. Before you use the pressure washer you should soak the surface with plenty of water. Make sure you use the right nozzle for the surface being cleaned. Adjust the flow of water to ensure an even coverage.

3. Make sure the surface is completely wet before applying pressure on the cleaner wand. Make sure you move the entire area that needs to be cleaned because areas that get greater attention to spray will dry quicker than areas which receive less attention.

4. Be sure to spray each section, allowing the water and soap to get into all crevices and cracks on the surface. Before you move on to the next section of Deck Cleaning or Patio Cleaning Clean up any cleansers.


The weather is finally beginning to cool and that is a sign that it's time for your deck or patio to be cleaned! In this post, we will outline the steps you should follow to pressure clean your patio or deck in a safe and efficient manner. Before beginning take the time to thoroughly read the entire article. This will help ensure that you don't cause damage to your property. Thanks for reading!

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