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What Shoes Are Best For Back Pain


Everybody needs a decent pair of shoes. Whether you like strutting around in heels or pounding the pavement in a good pair of running shoes, it’s important to put support before style. Chiropractors treat many cases of foot pain every year, which makes sense considering an estimated 40 percent of Americans experience foot problems throughout their lives. A significant amount of these back pain problems could be minimized or prevented entirely by wearing the right shoes with good arch and heel support. 


Here are some important  chiropractic tips on wearing good shoes to support your feet and avoid problems that could lead to neck and back pain.

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  • Find the right fit. Resist the urge to buy stylish shoes that are too big or too small. Your toes should have room to wiggle around slightly, preventing blisters, ingrown toenails, and calluses.
  • Avoid recessed heels and thin straps that don’t provide enough support. It’s easy to sprain an ankle in these shoes. 
  • Keep your heels two inches or shorter to avoid dangerous trips and falls. Only wear high heels for special events. 
  • Consider custom orthotics and arch support to prevent foot pain and injuries.

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