You Can Use Your Own Weight to Grow Arm Muscles Without Using Heavy Weights

People usually think that picking heavy weights like dumbbells and kettle bells is necessary if you want to build your upper body muscles, like your biceps and arms in general. However, you should keep in mind that you can use your own bodyweight to build your muscles as well. This can be made possible if you learn to use gravity to your advantage. For example, in push-ups, most of your body weight is on your arms, this is one of the ways to put your arms under stress in order to help them grow stronger.

This method is usually used by gymnasts, who look like lean bodybuilders without picking any heavy weights. In this article, we will help you understand how you can use your own body weight to grow arm muscles without using heavy weights. You can find more details at Paralign.

Use Resistance Exercises

You can help your arms become leaner and stronger by using resistance based exercises. These exercises can be incredibly hard to muster, and stay very tough to do throughout your exercise session. For example, one of such exercises is lean forward push-ups. You can do these push-ups to start building your biceps, and to make your arms leaner in the long run.

Make Pulling Movements

You can do many types of pushing and pulling exercises without using any equipment. For example, you can imitate bench presses by doing push-ups without including any type of equipment. This way, you can exercise whenever you feel like without having to go to the gym.

However, exercises based on pulling movements can be a bit harder to imitate without using equipment. In this case, you can use a suspension system to help you imitate pulling movements when you are exercising in your house. You can even use the bottom of a table to get stability in this type of exercises.

If you are used to doing chin-ups with additional weights in the gym, you can do the same by asking someone to try and prevent you from making any movement while you try to do the chin ups just like in the gym.

Benefits of These Exercises

One of the main benefits of getting used to doing arm exercises without using any weights or other equipment is that you will be able to exercise wherever you might be without feeling the need to go to the nearest gym. This is very useful in today’s time when gyms and other exercise places might be closed for obvious reasons.

Moreover, if you cannot afford to buy heavy equipment, or do not have enough space in your house to make a gym, you can simply learn these exercises and save yourself a lot of money. The best part is that these exercises are equally as effective as going to the gym and using expensive and heavy equipment.

So, make these exercises a part of your life, and increase your strength in the long run.

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